Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/5-9/11 CVS Trips

My family and I have been running into every CVS we see all week long to get the SOBE Life Waters that are BOGO this week. Thanks to some wonderful family and friends, I was able to accumulate 250 BOGO coupons. I held a contest and gave some away to some of my followers. I was also able to give some away last Saturday at our family reunion. I tried to get 2 of my "regular" CVS stores to order me the larger quantity, but neither one would do it. The manager from one store wouldn't even call me back after she said that she was going to check with her district manager. The manager of the other store said she was going to be out of town when the order needed to be placed. Oh well...a lot of stores benefited from our business this week because we grabbed a lot of the 75% off Summer Items, candy, and other misc. deals. Because we (hubby, dad, 2 kids, a friend of the teenager, and myself) made numerous trips to numerous CVS stores this week, I'm just going to list a summary of what we got.

(296) SOBE Life Waters @ BOGO $1.59 = $235.32
(20) Mars Candy Bars @ 2/$1 = $10.00
(1) Women's Flip Flops, 75% off $7.99 = $2.00
(3) Ice Cream Scoops, 75% off $1.00 = $.75
(2) Kids' Cars Baseball Caps, 75% off $9.99 = $5.00
(1) Trident Layer's Gum = $.99

****There was more, but it was either bought by my dad or the kids so I'm not including it since it's not out of my pocket!***

Total Before Coupons: $254.06

Coupons Used:

(148) SOBE BOGO Coupons = $235.32
(1) $1.00 ECB from Green Tags = $1.00

Total Amount of Coupons: $236.32
Total OOP After Taxes and Coupons: $20.32
Received: $.99 ECB from Trident Layers & $3.00 ECB from Mars
Year to Date Savings; $1426.49!!

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