Friday, August 13, 2010

8/13/10 Random Thoughts

My stepson's birthday was Thursday. He's 17!! A new Wasabi Japanese Restaurant opened up a while back. He's been wanting to go to it. Well...I've been checking out to see if the certificates for Wasabi were in stock. Lo and behold they were on Tuesday!!! I snagged one Tuesday morning. I talked to hubby and decided to go back and get a couple more since was at 80% off!! They were all gone when I went back - only 10 minutes later!!! For those who have been hesitant to use, I can tell you that it's fantastic!! I've used it several times personally and have given the certificates as various gifts. I've never had any problems with my experiences at the various restaurants!

It's been another crazy week! I'm in charge of planning a family reunion for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I've enjoyed it, but it's SOOO much work! I feel like I'm behind on everything - reading & responding to emails, entering in my shopping trips, clipping, sorting, tallying, and mailing expired and unused coupons to the troops, and everything else! I really don't need any sleep - LOL!!

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