Friday, August 13, 2010

8/12/10 Target Trip

There are times that I wonder if Target is worth the hassle. I went in to get a few things, of which were the $.15 notebooks and the $1 Super Sticky Post-It notes. Well....the notebooks were out and the cheapest Super Sticky Post-It notes were $2.20. I asked an employee if they had anymore of them and/or if I could get a rain check. I was told I couldn't get a rain check for the notebooks because they weren't on sale. I was told that I couldn't get a rain check for the Post-It notes because they didn't carry them. I asked if they had an ad and was told no. Because it was my stepson's birthday and I didn't want to spend the day/afternoon/night in Target, I decided to let it go. Because I needed the Post-It notes, I got the ones for $2.20. I called the store when I got home and asked about the Post-It notes and notebooks. I was told, "We've been out of the notebooks." and "We don't always have what's in the ad." So...I sent an email to Customer Service (which I've done in the past to no avail). I received a response today telling me that, according to their inventory, the 2 items (notebooks and Post-It notes) are in stock. All I can say is "ARGH!!!"

Here's what I ended up getting:

(1) T-shirt = $7.99
(4) Clean & Clear Morning Burst @ $.99 each = $3.96
(1) Hartz Cat Treats = $1.66
(6) 8-ct. Band-Aids @ $.97 each = $5.82
(6) Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit @ $.97 = $5.82
(1) Super Sticky Post-It Notes = $2.20
(2) Dragon Pens @ $1.00 each = $2.00
(1) 5-Pocket File = $1.00
(1) 13-Pocket File = $1.00
(1) AW Root Beer Freeze Pops = $1.00
(1) Pepperidge Farms Cookies = $1.00

Total Before Coupons: $33.45

Coupons Used:

(4) $1 off Clean & Clear, SS 8/1 = $3.96 (adjusted down)
(1) $1.50 Hartz Cat Treats, SS 6/6 = $1.50
(4) $3/3 Johnson & Johnson, SS 8/1 = $11.64 (adjusted down)
(1) $1 Super Sticky Post It Notes printable = $1.00

Total Amount of Coupons: $18.10
Total After Taxes and Coupons: $17.91
Total Savings:50%

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