Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 and Savings Resolutions

Happy 2013 to everyone!  As you begin a New Year and set resolutions, why not set a few Savings Resolutions?  Here are a few ways to save money in the New Year:

1.  Take your lunch instead of eating out for lunch every day.
2.  Use coupons when you go shopping.  Start out small with one or two coupons, then work your way up on building a stockpile of your family's most used items.
3.  Carpool to work, shopping, etc.
4.  Use coupons when you go out to dinner.  Sites like Restaurant.com allow you to purchase gift certificates to local restaurants at a fraction of the cost.
5.  Sign up for Birthday FREEBIES.  Restaurants and merchants offer a variety of FREE things for you on your birthday.  These can range from a FREE biscuit at Bojangles to a FREE meal at Captain D's to a discount off your entire purchase.
6.  Use Ebates when you do your online shopping.  They actually pay you to shop.  You earn a percentage back on each purchase you make online!
7.  Buy after the season for the next season.  An example would be to shop after Christmas for new decorations and discounted presents for the next year.
8.  If you are taking a family vacation, try to go in the off season.  Rates on everything are cheaper!
9.  Check your phone bills, electric bills, insurance premiums, etc on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving the best deals.  If you don't use a service, then consider discontinuing its use.
10. Organize a swap meet with a group of friends and have everyone bring their tired fashions, unworn clothes and old jewelry, and then swap, trade or barter to your heart's desire. You'll acquire some new-to-you items and it won't cost you a cent.

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