Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have You Heard About zuuzs?

If you're interested in joining, just click here!

How zuuzs Works:

So what exactly is zuuzs?

zuuzs is the place where friends meet to SHOP, SHARE and EARN together.
zuuzs makes it easy to shop with all your favorite online stores, lets you share great deals and shopping insights with your friends and family without ever needing to leave the zuuzs website, and lets you all earn money on your purchases.

How can I start shopping through zuuzs.com?

It's easy. A friend or family member that is already a member of zuuzs can send you an invitation to sign up. Once you receive your Shopvite, it only takes a minute to sign up and start shopping. Then, as a zuuzs member, you can send Shopvite invitations to your friends and family.

What if I don't know anyone who is a zuuzs member?

No problem. You can sign up to become a zuuzs member by visiting the sign-up area of our home page. It only takes a few minutes to provide the information required for membership.

How is zuuzs different from other shopping and cash back sites?

There are other shopping sites that reward you for purchases, and some that let you share socially on their site. Then again, there are some that offer you incentives for introducing your friends to their site. zuuzs delivers you a perfect trifecta – easy shopping, fun sharing, and cash rewards on your purchases and the purchases of friends and family that you invite. The more friends you invite and the more you all shop, the you more fun you'll have and the more you'll earn. zuuzs is the place where friends meet to shop, share AND earn.

Do I pay more to shop through zuuzs?

No. You get the same prices and discounts you would if you went directly to your favorite online store. You can participate in their loyalty programs, too. In fact, in most cases it will ultimately cost you less, because you'll be earning cash back on your purchases. As a zuuzs member, you'll also be able to take advantage of exclusive members-only deals.

How do I earn money by shopping through zuuzs?

You'll earn cash back on everything you purchase through zuuzs.com from our participating online stores. Just make sure each time you shop that you log in at zuuzs.com and then click on the online store. You can earn even more when you invite your friends and family to join your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs. When a member of your Circle of Friendzs makes a purchase, she earns cash back on her purchase and zuuzs pays you a bonus, too, for introducing us to her. Your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs includes members that you have invited directly (Direct Friends), and the people that they in turn invite directly (Indirect Friends).

How long does it take to get cash back on my purchases?

Your cash back rewards, called zuuzs FUNdzs, will be posted to your account when the online store notifies us of your purchase and the associated earnings. The timing is based on when the retailer actually recognizes the purchase as a bona fide transaction. This time period will vary based on the items purchased and the store. Some stores will not recognize the transaction as complete until after the time period they designate for returns/refunds. zuuzs FUNdzs are cash and once they have posted to your account as available, they are yours to use as you wish.

How do I redeem the cash in my zuuzs FUNdzs account?

There are no points to redeem and no hoops to jump through to get the cash you've earned. Available zuuzs FUNDzs are paid to members each month in the form of a check, based on the minimum payment threshold you've set in your personal earnings profile. We process and mail checks on the 21st of each month, so you should expect to receive it within a few days, allowing for mail time. To make it even faster and easier for you to receive your zuuzs FUNdzs, we're working to provide reloadable debit cards for our members. Stay tuned for more news on the debit card option soon!

Who is included in my Circle of Friendzs?

Your Circle of Friendzs includes the people that you personally invite to join zuuzs; they are your "Direct Friends". Your Circle also includes the people that your Direct Friends invite to join; they are your "Indirect Friends". You earn a percentage of the cash back rewards generated by purchases from everyone in your Circle of Friendzs. The larger your Circle, the greater your opportunity to earn more cash. You can connect and share on zuuzs with other people you know that are members but are not in your Circle of Friendzs. You are not eligible to receive cash back rewards on purchases made by these friends, however. The entire group of friends you are connected to will appear in your list of friends on the left hand side of your home page. The members of your Circle of Friendzs are easy to spot – they have a "circle z" icon next to their name, indicating that you share in the earnings on their purchases.

What if a store I want to shop with isn't available through zuuzs?

We're adding new online merchants all the time, and we want to hear from you about who you'd like to shop with. Drop us an e-mail at memberservices@zuuzs.com or send us a tweet @zuuzs and we'll be delighted to look into adding them to our zuuzs network of affiliates.

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