Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/5/11 & 8/6/11 Publix Shopping Trips

I've had awesome trips to Publix yesterday and today. I pre-ordered the Batter Blasters (since they were a MONEYMAKER) and spent last night in the pouring rain and the better part of this morning delivering them to people.'s good to donate items!!!! Here's a summary of what I got between the 2 visits and how much I spent and saved!

130 Batter Blasters (assorted flavors)

23 Publix 2-liter Sodas

24 Chef Boyardee

12 Hunt's Snack Packs

2 Hungry Jack Pancake Syrups

2 Pepsi 2-liter Sodas

20 Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles

4 Advil Gel Caplets (36 count)

12 Michael Angelo Dinners

1 Surge Protector

1 Publix Deli Sub Sandwich

5 Pepsi 1.5-liter Sodas

1 Ground Round
1 Seasoned London Broil

3 Stir Fry Meals (from meat department)

Total Saved (Store Coupons, Vendor Coupons, & Special Price Savings): $754.54

Total Spent (on Publix Gift Card): $4.18

Savings: OVER 99%!!

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