Monday, September 20, 2010

When is Your Stockpile Too Big?

Here's the question of the day:

When is your stockpile too big?

I'll even help with multiple choice answers:

a) When your refrigerator is packed full
b) When your freezer(s) are packed full
c) When your built-in pantry is full
d) When your free standing pantry is so full it collapses on you
e) All of the above

I guess choice "D" needs an explanation. My free standing pantry was so disorganized, I decided to take everything out of it the other day and re-organize it. I was almost done with it when the top shelf started falling. I tried to catch it, but my wrist gave out. Everything fell and the domino effect just happened. Everything that I spent the better part of an hour organizing was in one big pile on the kitchen floor. Hubby said it was beyond repair. So...until we can decide what to get that will hold all my stockpiling items, everything is stacked up nice and neat on my kitchen table and we're using TV trays. If anyone has any ideas of anything really sturdy that can hold my stockpile, I am open to suggestions.

In the meantime....I think I need to hold off shopping for awhile.

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