Saturday, August 14, 2010

My CVS Plan for 8/14/10

I'm heading out in a few to run some errands. I have struck out this week with CVS having anything that I went in for in stock. I have a stack of rain checks that I may or may not try to get today. Here's what I'm hoping to get:

**Note...this sale starts tomorrow but my store closes, so these prices will be in effect tonight.**

(14) Right Guard/Dry Idea Deodorants BOGO $2.99
- Use (7) BOGO Right Guard/Dry Idea Deodorants, RP 7/25

(12) SOBE Life Waters BOGO $1.59
- Use (6) BOGO printable

(1) Zegerid OTC $9.99
- Use $4 off, August All You

-Use $4/$20 Email Coupon
- TOTAL COST: $1.99 + Tax
- Receive $7 ECB for Zegerid

I'll see how it goes!!!


  1. I wonder if the prices are effective in all stores the night before?

  2. If the store is NOT a 24 hour store, they typically are late afternoon/early evening. Saturday is a good day to go shopping because you can usually score both weeks' worth of deals at the same time. I've done this several times when I've had a $/$ coupon and there really wasn't anything(s) in either week that would bring me up to the needed amount, but when I combined both weeks, I had it.

    I didn't make it out to CVS last night because we had some AWFUL storms come through here. I wasn't too disappointed because there weren't any sale items from last week that I wanted that I didn't have a rain check for. However, I have to head out today at some point because my email coupon expires today.

  3. How did you end up doing? I didn't get my emailed coupon until today!! I hate when they send it out so late. I'm glad they sent one, because last week I didn't even get one!