Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/6/10 CVS Trip

Just had to stop in and get some more free SOBE and my free Milky Way.

(6) SOBE Life Waters @ BOGO $1.59 = $4.77
(1) Milky Way Caramel @ 2/$1 = $.50

Total Before Coupons: $5.27

Coupons Used:

(3) BOGO SOBE = $4.77
(1) $.50 off Milky Way Caramel (CRT) = $.50

Total Amount of Coupons: $5.27
Total OOP After Taxes and Coupons: $.11

**Okay....this whole tax/no tax thing is confusing me. I wonder how two different CVSs in the same town, same county can come up with different amounts for their taxes. My mother did this same transaction in the morning and paid $.05. I did it in the afternoon and paid $.11. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining about paying taxes. I just wish there was a way to figure out how they calculate the taxes. Especially....when there shouldn't be taxes on any of this because they are considered food items.

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