Monday, July 5, 2010

7/3/10 Rite-Aid Trip

I try to avoid Rite-Aid as much as possible because: 1) they never seem to have what I want that's on sale, 2) they aren't very coupon friendly, and/or 3)they don't have a lot of deals that appeal to me. I went to get the Veet that was on sale, but, of course, they were out of it. According to them, they only get a truck in every other week. Sounds strange to me, but....

Anyway....I did walk out with 4 bags of Pretzel M&Ms for free....

(4) Pretzel M&Ms @ BOGO $.88 = $1.76

Coupons Used:

(2) BOGO Pretzel M&Ms = $1.76

Total: FREE = 100% Savings

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