Friday, June 25, 2010

6/25/10 Food Lion Trip

Alrighty.....I wanted to go to Food Lion again to take advantage of the free cheese and really cheap pasta. They also had some ground beef on sale. I had 2 teenagers with me so we were able to split the orders up. Here's a summary of what I got today:

(10) Blocks of Food Lion Cheese @ $2.00 each = $20.00
(10) Packages of Food Lion Pasta @ $1.16 each = $11.60
(4) Packages of Ground Beef = $7.33

Total Before Coupons: $38.93

Coupons Used:

(10) $2.00 off Food Lion Block Cheese = $20.00
(10) $1.00 off Food Lion Pasta = $10.00

Total Amount of Coupons: $30.00
Total OOP After Taxes and Coupons: $9.01 = 77% Savings


  1. How do you use 10 coupons my foodlion looks at me cross eyed if I use more than One do the stores give you trouble for using the coupons. Do they question you coupons at all with so many. Do you leave the store and come back to get so many. I would love to stock up my family loves cheese but I just know they will give me problems. not sure if its worth the try.

  2. Thanks for the questions. First, I always have someone else with me so we can split the order up. I also go to Food Lion during the non-busiest time of the day. The cashiers are more likely to NOT complain about it if there isn't a long line of people behind me. I also try to check out with the youngest cashier. This may sound bad, but they are less likely to question and scrutinize every little thing. I split the order up on the counter with my coupons on top of each item. I tell the cashier up front that I have multiple orders. They usually don't have a problem with it as long as it's not a lot of items. I haven't done more than 5 "short" (just pasta and cheese) transactions at a time. Hubby and I went tonight and separated our orders. We each purchased a 12-pack of soda with the pasta and cheese so it wasn't too bad. As someone came up behind us with only 1 or 2 items, we stopped our transactions and let them check out. Ohhh....I also try to go to the same Food Lion and use the same "young" cashier each time. That way, they know you and know your shopping habits. I also talk to the cashier when she's ringing up my order. I want to be polite so she doesn't mind checking me out. I hope this helps.