Thursday, June 24, 2010

6/22/10 & 6/23/10 Food Lion Trips

There is a SUPER deal at Food Lion. We just had to stock up on these items. I'm not going to list every transaction separately, but here's what we did.

1. Bought Food Lion Block Cheese @ 2/$4 = $2.00
1. Bought Food Lion Pasta @ $1.09-$1.35 = $1.09-$1.35

Coupons Used:

FLIP for $2.00 off Food Lion Block Cheese = $2.00
FLIP for $1.00 off Food Lion Pasta = $1.00


$.09-$.35 for both! Makes for some cheap Homemade Mac & Cheese!


  1. WOW! Thanks for letting us know. I am actually going to be near a Food Lion today, so I will have to grab this deal!

  2. You're welcome! Since cheese can be frozen to be used to cook with, I figured that we should be stocked up on homemade mac & cheese for awhile!!!