Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/22/10 Shopping Experiences

I didn't realize until today just how much I'm into couponing and saving money. I spent several hours between last night and this morning doing all my calculations and splitting my order between hubby and me so we could maximize the coupons, get the best deals, and pay as little as possible (this seems to be my goal nowadays). Well....I should've headed back out the door when the first 3 items on my list were out. I got rainchecks on them, but it threw everything off because 1 of the items was a big part of hubby's "list" and the other 2 were big parts of my "list".

So....I proceed on with getting the remaining items on my list. I figured that I could figure out my totals when I was done in case I added a few extra sale/coupon items along the way. BIG MISTAKE! I was pulling out coupons right and left, adding items here and there, and even ended up getting something that was supposed to be B1G1 Free and didn't ring up that way! I was standing in front of the yogurt trying to do my calculations in my head. When that didn't work, I pulled out a pen and leaned on the frozen food container trying to add things up. This didn't work either because when I did my calculations (on my scratch paper and without a calculator), I got a total after coupons and before taxes of around $6.50. if I add in the $3.99 that I was overcharged for the Steakum things, it's still only $10.49 plus taxes. Imagine my surprise when the total came to $20.15! I thought I was going to pass out or hyperventilate in the store! I couldn't believe I spent all that money and didn't even get any real meat (No, I don't count Steakum things as meat).

Well....I thought my trip next door to CVS was going to be better because it was supposed to be cut and dry. I had a plan that I've carried out several times this week. It went well all week so I thought it would again today. Again, I should've just gone home as soon as I walked into Publix. I have the items for my transactions, John's transactions, and my parents' transactions. Everything worked fine for my parents' tranasctions. Well...I grabbed my bag so John's stuff and my stuff could just be loaded in the same bag. Lo and behold, in the bag, is the candy bar that I bought Logan YESTERDAY. Needless to say, I didn't have the receipt for it because I filed it after I entered the info on here. So....I had no proof that I had purchased it already. Hubby had to purchase the candy bar again! The rest of the transactions went okay after that. But....again...I felt as though I should probably just go home. Do I? NO! We head to Walgreens instead.

Walgreens actually wasn't that bad. The lady was very helpful and nice. The transactions went smoothly and I was happy! They were out of Hubby's Frappuccinos so we had to go to another Wags but it was on the way to my next stop - Target.

I have had nothing but BAD experiences at Target. The cashiers are not exactly coupon friendly. I've shared my experiences with Hubby. I asked him if he would go there with me today so he could see for himself how I was treated like a "criminal" for using coupons. Not that he could do anything except "be Hubby" and be some reinforcement for me (or provide bail should it be needed - LOL)! We got the items on our list and proceeded to the checkout lane. I placed the items on the counter with the coupon for each item stuck on top of the item. The cashier proceeded to ring the item and then the coupon for each of the items I had. No problems, no questions! My mouth dropped as I walked out of there without any hassles! I don't know if I didn't have problems because Hubby was there (which is what he thinks), if it was the cashier, if they've received complaints about how they treat couponers, if the planets are aligned a certain way, or what! In any case, I'm not going to complain about the good service. In fact, I probably shouldn't even be talking about it here because I may jinx it for the next time.

After Target, we went to the 2nd Wags for Hubby's Frappuccinos. Hubby being the brave one that he is said that he "can do this". So...I sent him in with the Qs and exactly what he needed to get. I'm impressed. He did exactly as he was told. LOL

So....after my near hyperventilating experience and almost accused of shoplifting a candy bar event, we made it home. head out to another CVS to see if they have the "new" sale items out. I just don't learn!

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